Statement No.1 by Global Youth

Blessings of god be upon you .1- 2012 is going to be a great year with a great events . Recently United States Of Amirca has a deplomatic conflict with egypt . This is about Civil Community Orgaizations in Egypt . The Athurites in Egypt are invistgating with these organizations now and United States of Amirca doesn’t like that because this movments from the Egyption side don’t serve Amirca interests . The fact that these Organizations serve Usa and it’s interests . these organizations have been bluged with 48 million $ after 6 months since the 25 revloution ! Now Usa pushes on the Egyption side to close invistgations . How come that Usa that calls for Democracy and The Freedom of Justice , now wants egyptions to push on judjes to close invistigations !!! How come ? . Usa is fake just serving masonic interests and it will fall !!!

2-We declare our condments towards Russia and China for using vito right in U.N last week , We want to say that ruling systems that supporting dictatoship systems are Dictators as well ass . Their ruling will fall buy their people , They will meat the same dystiny .

3- We make a call for The Egyptions : Don’t be seprated , Be one hand , We can handle it !!

4- We make a call for The syrians : Don’t loss hope , We can win this war .

5- We make a call for the libyans : Rebuild your country and clear it

6- We make a call for the palastines : Wake up we want the third ” Intfada ” protect your Holly places

7- We make a call for the world : Revloute !!


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